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First year modules

SubjectSummary of module content
Plant Studies 1AIntroduction to plant cells, plant tissues (permanent and complex), physiological processes such as photosynthesis and transpiration, and evolution/systematics of the plant kingdom.
Computer applicationsEnd-user computing, i.e. competent use of computer hardware and software for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations.
Conservation CommunicationAcademic reading and writing; Communication theory; inter-personal communication; work-place communication.
Conservation Ecology 1ACourse covers the basic ecological principles from the ecosystem to population level.
Animal Studies 1AOrigin of life on earth and comparative evolutionary survey of the invertebrates.
Plant Studies 1BPrinciples of taxonomy as well as a selected number of flowering families, both monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous families.
Biodiversity Management 1BCovers the basic statistical techniques required for Biology.
Animal Studies 1BComparative evolutionary survey of the vertebrates.
Principles of ConservationOrigin, history, philosophy, principles and practice of conservation locally, nationally and internationally.
Conservation Ecology 1BLimiting factors in the ecosystem – adaptations of organisms to abiotic factors (light, temp, water, wind, fire). Organisation and functioning at species level – speciation, species diversity, niche. Organisation and functioning at community level - Community analysis, patterns and distributions.

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