Second year modules

Summary of module content
Coastal Management I
Introduction to environmental science; environmental variables; climate change
Marine Law I
South African Common Law; principles of Law; principles of Environmental Law; Local Environmental Legislation; principles of Criminal Law
Marine Aquaculture I
Introduction to aquaculture: aquaculture operations; managing aquaculture operations; principles; animal physiology; culture systems
Marine Resource Management I
Fisheries Management; fishing policy & regulations; ecosystem approach to fisheries management; regulation of fishing activities; MCS
Marine Pollution I
Assessment of toxicity; biochemical mechanisms of toxicity; effects of toxicity; special subjects in toxicity
Computer Skills II
Processing, analysis and modelling of data; manipulating data sets; interpretation of data; mapping and other applicable software
Coastal Management II
Environmental issues; principles of EIA; EMS; economic approach to environmental management; risk assessment; environmental auditing; environmental monitoring and performance
Marine Biology II
Marine invertebrate biology; Phyto/Zooplankton.
Marine Science II
Ocean currents; physical oceanography; ocean data
Marine Technology
Ocean data; oceanographic equipment; hydrographic mapping; ADCP’ fishing equipment technology; ocean measurements;

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