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First year modules

Summary of module content
Marine Science I
Introduction to earth and environmental science: chemical, biological, physical and geological oceanography; history of marine science; basic seamanship
Ecology I
Introduction to ecology; components of an ecosystem; energy in the ecosystem; ecological interactions; productivity in the ecosystem; population dynamics
Communication Skils I
Communication theory; information gathering; non-verbal communication; aural and oral skills; reading and writing skills;
Mathematical calculations; trigonometry; algebra; graphs; statistical calculations; correlation and regression; probability; calculus
Computer Skills I
Introduction to computers; computer utilization: word-processing skills, spreadsheet skills, presentation software; data management
Marine Biology I
Basic Biochemistry; cell biology; genetics; cellular processes; embryogeny; introduction to biodiversity and taxonomy; algae and protists
Marine Chemistry I
Chemical reactivity; REDOX reactions; structure of atoms; chemical bonds; inorganic chemistry; gases; equilibrium; thermodynamics; electrochemistry; organic chemistry; functional group chemistry
Marine Physics I
Motion and forces; energy; electric fields; magnetic fields; physics and ecology; physics of biofluid mechanics; physics of light and vision
Ecology II
Marine habitats; marine communities and systems; ecological processes in marine environments
Project Management I
Change context; project management fundamentals; change and configuration management; managing people; initial planning for projects; project monitoring and control

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