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Conservation and Marine Sciences

The Department of Conservation and Marine Sciences at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology is the only department in the Western Cape that offers Diplomas in Nature Conservation and Marine Science which includes either one full year (for Nature Conservation) or six months (for Marine Science) of experiential learning. Because of this, our courses are strong favourites for learners wanting to pursue careers in nature conservation or marine science.

We offer undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Nature Conservation and Marine Sciences (Marine Sciences replaced Oceanography as from 2015). Through hands-on education students obtain the tools, knowledge and skills to contribute towards the management of biodiversity and the marine environment in a sustainable way. The 3-year courses (or 4 years on the Extended Curriculum Program), which includes one year of practical experience for Nature Conservation and 6 months for Marine Science, provides excellent employability in various sectors such as nature conservation, marine science and technology, biodiversity management, education and training, government agencies, NGO’s, and the private sector.

As a centre for education and research, the Conservation and Marine Sciences Department is among the best conservation and marine science departments in South Africa.

What is Nature Conservation?

Nature Conservation is the management and utilisation of natural resources to ensure sustainability.

What is Marine Science?

Marine Science is the study of the marine and coastal environments.

Why should you study Nature Conservation or Marine Science?

Do you…

  • have a passion for the environment?
  • enjoy interacting with people and informing others of the importance of protecting and maintaining a healthy natural world?
  • enjoy working outdoors?
  • work hard and don’t mind going above the call of duty?

… then Nature Conservation or Marine Science is for you!

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