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Agri-Campus News

Unique Service Learning Project

Under the guidance of our oenology lecturer, Dr. Anton Nel, a unique service learning project was started this year at the Language Museum in Paarl. This museum owns a piece of land where an old vineyard is planted. The vineyard is however a bit neglected and it was decided to use this as a teaching platform where viticulture students could practice their knowledge and skills to re-cultivate this vineyard and get it up to a productive level. In executing this project our students gained valuable experience, while the Language Museum had their vineyard upgraded.

CPUT Young Winemakers 2020

CPUT Young Winemakers 2020


Young Winemakers 2022

CPUT Young Winemakers 2022

With harvest completed the Oenology class of 2022 started with their experimental wines. Implementing all the techniques as learnt in class resulted in some fine wines. Students recently presented a wine tasting where staff and fellow students could experience the fruit of their labour.

Some great wines were tasted, and we are sure that our students will be leaders in the winemaking industry in the near future.


Building industry partnerships

CPUT Young Winemakers 2020

Being a university of technology it is important to remember that the focus of training should always be on preparing students for a career in industry. Building solid relationships and partnerships with industry is therefore high on our agenda and staff of the department recently visited Hortgro in Paarl, focusing on the fruit industry. The fruit industry, together with the wine industry, forms the backbone of agriculture in the Western Cape and it is imperative that CPUT Agriculture has a strong link to this industry.

Fruitful discussions were had regarding assistance with curriculum development, guest lectures, industry visits, research activities as well as opportunities for WIL placements of third year diploma students.