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Applied Sciences

Message from the Dean

I wish to warmly welcome you to the Faculty of Applied Sciences at CPUT.

The Faculty has eight academic Departments which together offer 13 Programmes of study (Agriculture; Agricultural Management; Analytical Chemistry; Biotechnology; Consumer Science- Food and Nutrition; Environmental Health; Environmental Management; Food Science & Technology; Horticulture; Landscape Architecture; Marine Science; Mathematical Sciences; and Nature Conservation), and you have been admitted into one of them to join a family of over three thousand other students enrolled in this Faculty. We are very pleased to welcome you.

As you make the transition from High School to University, there may be challenges and new hurdles for you to overcome in order that you can succeed and achieve your potential. Therefore, we have several structures, activities and programmes to support your academic endeavours to achieve success and be employable after your education in this Faculty.

Some of the support initiatives we have include: Mentors, Tutors, Language support and an Extended Curriculum Programme (ECP) that allows new students to spread their academic load in a manner that helps them succeed better. Please make the most of such opportunities to support your success at CPUT.

As a Faculty, we offer not just undergraduate qualifications but also have a full suite of postgraduate qualifications up to Doctoral level. We have a strong Research and Innovation ethos, which includes the hosting of a variety of Research entities (Groups, Units, Centres, etc) and a Technology Station. It is noteworthy that a nutritional supplement that is available in shops in South Africa and abroad (Omega Caro E) has been developed in this Faculty. It is just one example of Innovation products resulting from our research. I welcome those of you who are joining us for postgraduate courses and encourage the new undergraduate students to think ahead towards research and postgraduate study.

As you are no doubt aware, the past three years have seen a dramatic change in how we live our lives and how we conduct most daily activities because of the Covid-19 pandemic. University education has not been spared, and we have had to adapt our ways of learning, teaching and academic support. We have developed new, innovative, and exciting ways of conducting our activities, and I can assure you that we are prepared to offer you a quality education in the ‘new normal’. We will also offer you the orientation, training and induction you need to thrive in this changing environment.

You are joining us in 2024, just after we have developed our Faculty Strategic Plan that is aligned to the University’s decadal plan (Vision 2030) towards a ‘One Smart CPUT’. As a Faculty, we embrace an ethos of Ubuntu; and we aim to use smart teaching, learning, research and community engagement to produce enterprising graduates that contribute to society, leading to technological advancement and improved quality of life. I hope you will make your own mark towards that vision.

Once again, I welcome you to the Faculty.

Prof Joseph I. Kioko
Dean of Applied Sciences

Prof Joseph Kioko

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