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Vision and Mission


CPUT is Africa’s leading Smart University of Technology, globally renowned for innovation, with graduates that shape a better world for humanity.


CPUT transforms its students, through world-class researchers who inspire knowledge production and innovation that are cutting edge.

Core Values

CPUT agrees to oneness and smartness by

  • Embracing a culture of Ethics and Integrity
  • Seeking Kindness and showing compassion (human heartedness) for the well-being of all our students, staff, stakeholders and the CPUT community, as expressed in ubuntu as a way of living;
  • Embracing Restoration as we deal with the legacy of our past and as we redress issues of equality, gender-based violence, and any form of discrimination;
  • Being a testimony of Unity (ubunye), whilst embracing diversity (ukungafani) in all its forms by being honest, transparent, credible and respectful;
  • Showing Passion and demonstrating enthusiasm, devotion, intensity, tenacity and total commitment to everything that we undertake as a university of technology; delivering uncompromising quality service, and always searching for better ways of doing things;
  • Taking Accountability and accepting responsibility for all our actions and the actions that we commit to;
  • Being Technologically Astute and embrace and take ownership and experiment with the possibilities technology offers.