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Management Committee

The Management Committee is constituted by the Vice-Chancellor to execute such functions as Council and Senate may delegate to him from time to time. The Management Committee is comprised of the Executive Management members and Deans of Faculties. The composition ensures that:

  • partnerships between academic and professional/support staff is properly maintained to achieve institutional cohesion;
  • there are consultative decision-making processes with senior management across all levels; and
  • there is timely provision of relevant information for decision-making.

Role and responsibilities

The Management Committee is responsible for the execution of the Strategic Plan and implementation of the Council decisions and institutional policies.  The Management Committee is the body responsible for decision-making in respect of staffing matters, procedures that support Council approved policies, changes and amendments to organisational structure, matters outside the delegated authority of line managers as well as the evaluation of performance management reports.

Management Committee members (in addition to the Executive Management members)

img deans fatoki small

Dean of Applied Sciences:
Prof Joseph Kioko(Acting)

Contact details
Tel: +27 21 460 3213

Prof Paul Green 2018 

Dean of Business and Management Sciences
Prof Paul Green

Contact details
Tel: +27 21 460 3146


Acting Dean of Education:
Dr Ivan November

Contact details
Tel: +27 21 860 5209

Ass Prof Marshall Sheldon Deputy Vice Chancelor

Dean of Engineering and the Built Environment:
Prof Marshall Sheldon

Contact details
Tel: +27 21 953 6897


Dean of Health and
Wellness Sciences:

Ass. Prof Penelope Engel-Hills (acting)

Contact details
Tel: +27 21 959 6218

Dean of Informatics
and Design:

Prof Johannes Cronjè

Contact details
Tel: +27 21 469 1018

Dean of Students:
Ms Prem Coopoo

Contact details
Tel: +27 21 460 3911


Senior Director CTS:
Mr Jerome Corns

Contact details
Tel: +
21 959 6554