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Frequently Asked Questions for Staff


What does this mean for support staff?

Staff who can perform the majority (2/3rds) of their duties from home will, subject to their line managers’ approval, be allowed to continue working from home under Alert Level 1. Staff members who can work from home will be required to report to campus as and when required by their line manager.

Staff who are unable to perform the majority of their duties from home and staff who were required to return to work under Alert Levels 5, 4, 3, 2 will, subject to any exceptions made by the line manager, be required to return to work from campus.
The return to work at campus of staff members will be staggered over the period 19 October to 13 November 2020, to ensure the University’s Covid-19 protocols are able to meet the increased volumes in staff/ students entering campuses.
Staff members who are unsure if they should return to work at campus under Alert Level 1 should immediately contact their line manager to get confirmation.

What does this mean for academic staff?

Under Alert Level 1, 100% of the student population are allowed to return to each campus/ delivery site for teaching, learning and assessment. Online teaching
will continue and where possible, Academic staff will be allowed to perform their administrative duties from home (partly or in full).
Each faculty will be required to develop and implement working arrangements for their specific area taking into account the operational requirements of their faculty as well as the parameters required in terms of social distancing and health protocols.
Academic staff members should contact their line manager to familiarise themselves with the work arrangements and health protocols applicable during this Alert Level.

What types of work arrangements will be considered to comply with social distancing requirements?

Faculties/ Departments will be required to implement appropriate working arrangements including (but not limited to) staggered work arrangements for start/end times (including start times at 06h00,07h00, 08h00, 09h00), shift systems and rotation schedules (for e.g. 1 on, 1 off), etc.

If I am a vulnerable employee must I return to work on campus?

Vulnerable employees must return to campus if required by their line manager, except where:

  • the staff member has an uncontrolled comorbidity relevant to Covid-19 (must be supported by medical report); and
  • the staff member’s comorbidity cannot be accommodated within the workplace

    How will I be accommodated if I am required to return to work on campus if I have a comorbidity or am 60 years and older?

    Line Managers of staff members with comorbidities and/ or 60 years and older are required to conduct an assessment of the staff members working conditions/ environment to ensure that the potential exposure to Covid-19 by this staff member in their current job is eliminated or the risk thereof minimized. If potential exposure cannot be eliminated or reduced, then the employer, in consultation with the relevant staff member, should explore other ways of temporary workplace accommodation to prevent the risk of infection.

    Who informs me that I am required to return to work?

    The decision on who will be required to return to work at campus will be made, and communicated, by your line manager.

    Can I refuse to come to work on campus?

    Staff members can only refuse to come to work on campus where circumstances arise which with reasonable justification appear to the staff member to pose an imminent and serious risk of exposure to Covid-19.  In such cases the staff member must immediately:

    • Notify their manager of their refusal to work;
    • Complete and submit the Covid-19 Non-Compliance/ shortage of PPE/ suggestion Form (see above). The reason for the refusal to work must be clearly stated as well as, where applicable, any recommend measures to remedy the serious and imminent risk identified.

    What measures have CPUT put in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19 on campus?

    CPUT has implemented a number of protocols and measures to comply with various legal requirements and to minimise the spread of the virus.  The Newsflash’s of 3 June 2020 and 24 July 2020 cover these measures in detail.  We urge all staff members to read these Newsflash’s and in particular take note of the protocol’s/ requirements relating to:

    • wearing of masks (must be worn at all times whilst on campus – failure to comply is a disciplinary offence)
    • HealthCheck App and screening procedures
    • Stay at home if you display any of the symptoms of Covid-19
    • Immediately report to Campus Health Clinic if you develop symptoms of Covid-19 whilst at work
    • Use of sanitizers.