The institution remains in strict lockdown level 3 mode, students (including prospective first-year students and their guardians) are urged not to travel to campuses for face-to-face assistance from staff. For more information click here

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COVID-19 Information


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Dear Staff and Students

As some of us return to campus/ residences for the commencement of the 2021 academic year we wish to remind the CPUT community that the country remains on lockdown level 3 as recently announced by the President of the country, due to a rapid rise in COVID-19 infections over the past few weeks.  

Many staff members and students will be returning to the Western Cape after visiting family and friends who reside in other provinces and elsewhere in the world.  It is generally accepted that interprovincial and international travel increases the risk of infection and for this reason CPUT is adopting a cautious approach to staff and students returning to campuses and residences.  

Staff members 

All staff members who have undertaken interprovincial and/ or international travel must inform their line manager(s) that they travelled interprovincially and/ or internationally; and the date on which they returned.  The following arrangements will apply to staff who have undertaken interprovincial and/ or international travel:

  • Authorised to work from home
  • Where a staff member is authorised to work from home, the staff member:

                  1) must continue to work from home (unless on approved leave), 

                  2)  may not report to campus for a period of ten (10) consecutive days after the staff member returned to their home (in the Western Cape). 

                  3)  must immediately notify their line manager should the staff member develop symptoms of Covid-19 during this period and follow the relevant CPUT protocol (as previously communicated).

  • Required to work on campus

Where a  staff member is required to work on campus, the staff member must continue to report for work on campus except where the staff member develops any of the symptoms of Covid-19.  In such event the relevant CPUT protocols must be followed, including immediately informing your line manager of these symptoms (as previously communicated).

Line managers of staff who are required to work from campus and have recently undertaken interprovincial and/ or international travel should implement additional precautionary measures to monitor the staff member for Covid-19 symptoms (i.e. increased frequency of temperature checks).  


A phased-in approach to the return of students continues, and we are finalizing our planning in this regard- guided by best practice protocols mandated by the Department of Higher Education and Training. As such, no student who has not received official communication from their faculty should travel to campus since access to campuses and residences remains reserved (as previously communicated). 

The unfortunate reality is that by now all of us are probably aware of someone who has been infected by or sadly lost their lives to, COVID-19.  We, therefore, plead with staff and students to please conduct themselves in a socially responsible way for the health and safety of themselves and our community at large. This includes amongst others, respecting safety and security officials charged with enforcing the necessary protocols, adhering to CPUT protocols at all times (i.e. social distancing, wearing of a mask, sanitizing and proactive symptom management), and requests to remain off-campus.

Kind Regards
CPUT COVID-19 Health Cluster

CPUT Contingency Plans/Protocols

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General COVID-19 Resources:

Please click on the pdf links below.

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Higher Health COVID-19 Protocols and Guides

HIGHER HEALTH is a national government agency that seeks to assist the two million students that attend 26 universities and 50 TVET colleges in South Africa to improve their health and well being. They have compiled a a series of protocols for universities to adopt:

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Useful External Covid 19 Weblinks:

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