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Primary logotype

This is our primary 'logo'. It is the most commonly used of the approved variations. Any other approved variations may only be used in circumstances outlined in the manual.

The brand signature is a term used for the constant graphic components of the brand’s image. It can consist of one or more of the following elements:

img branding logo 1

Primary logotype - area of isolation

img branding logo 2 2

Single colour logotypes

Our logotypes may be used in only two different positive single colour options – process blue and black. Black may only be used in black & white print. Blue may only be used in either single colour blue print, or two-colour black and blue print.

img branding logo correct

Below are examples of variations that may not be used under any circumstances.

img branding logo 5

 The most important image to promote to the public is the University’s brand image, not its component parts. The decision has been taken that no sub-logos will be used, however, faculties may promote themselves through the use of their respective faculty colour. Any other entities such as departments and units may only identify themselves in letters.

img branding logo 6


These rules govern co-branding – jointly participating in events, sponsorships, or promotions. No logo must exceed the width or height of the CPUT logo.

Here is the layout for one or more logos in horizontal format.

img branding co branding 1

img branding co branding 2

Here is the layout for one or more logos in vertical format.

img branding co branding 3

Meaning of the CPUT logo

The logo of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology visualises the identifying characteristics of the University: higher learning and technology, as well as its location at the southern tip of Africa.

The logo comprises four distinguishing elements.

  • The waves symbolise technology, development and the flow of information. They are also a reference to the location of the University: the marine aspect of a peninsula.
  • The two sections of the half shield encompassing the waves, illustrate a solid foundation of institutional integrity and excellence, supporting and encouraging dynamic forward movement, innovation and change, towards “Creating Futures”.

The shape of the shield subliminally evokes the outline of southern Africa and the traditional shape of a heart, emphasising the vision to be at the heart of technology education and innovation in Africa.