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Colour palette

Logo colour palette

These are our primary colours. The three blues shown here are called our primary colour palette. They are the colours of our logo symbol and logotype – our brand signature. They can also be used as the colours for design elements in print and digital design and advertising. The colour palette shown here gives exact values for full colour print (CMYK), spot colour print (PANTONE), and for digital media (RGB and Web safe) colours. These values are constant and must never be changed under any circumstances.

img branding logo colour palette

Secondary colours

These are our secondary colours. This palette consists of any percentage tint of our primary colour palette and any tint of black (making greys).

img branding colour palette

Faculties colour palette

These are the colours used to individually identify our six faculties. These colours are for internal use, should faculties want to instil a sense of belonging within the faculty. They are only used for internal, on campus advertising and promotion, and not for external use, in the public domain.

img branding faculties colour palette

Faculty colours and logotypes

This is the only acceptable way to use the brand logotypes with faculty colours. Only the white (or reversed) logotypes can be used on the faculty colour as a background.

img branding faculty colours logotypes