Graduation: Faculty of Education Official start: March 30 @ 9:00 am. Duration: 3h

RPL process

Thinking about applying for RPL?

Before you submit your application for RPL, take a moment and answer the questions below for yourself:

  • "What is my work all about?"
  • "What can I do?"
  • “What have I learnt in the workplace?"
  • "What experience/s do I have?"
  • “What competencies can I demonstrate?"
  • "What relevant short courses have I attended?"

Compare the above answers to the qualifications offered by CPUT. You, the applicant have to decide on the qualification or part thereof for which you want recognition. Write a letter of motivation to the University, using the answers to the above questions to explain why you are applying for RPL.

Submitting an application

Follow these steps:

  • Complete the CPUT application form
  • On p3 you’ll find the RPL box, tick it.
  • Attach the letter of motivation to the application and sign it.
  • Make sure you attach the addition information required as specified by the academic department. Please note that if you don’t submit all the required information, Admissions will return your application to you.
  • Submit it to the relevant Admissions Office, on the correct campus – see list on application form.

Proceed with the RPL application or not

Upon receiving your RPL application the relevant academic department will determine, based on the information that you have submitted, whether your RPL application is feasible. You have to submit as detailed, focussed and relevant information about yourself as possible.

Feasibility depends on the nature of your work, experience and knowledge developed in the workplace, in relation to the qualification you are applying for. If the department is of the opinion that this is not the case, you will be notified and an alternative will be suggested by the University.

If the department is of the opinion that your RPL application is feasible, you will be invited to participate in the rest of the RPL process. The process is qualification specific and is explained on the following page.


When you are informed that you can go ahead with the RPL assessment, you are required to pay the RPL fee:

  • R250 for advanced standing per subject in a National Diploma
  • R500 for access into a qualification

Once you have been given the go-ahead to continue with the RPL assessment, the RPL unit will provide you with the account details.

Preparing for assessment/ mediation

The preparation for the assessment is programme specific and you will receive instructions and guidelines from the department. It might involve the development of a portfolio of evidence and/or a test. You might be asked to submit examples of your work, do a demonstration or make a presentation. It could also be a combination.

Submission of evidence

The submission of evidence is also programme specific and you will be given deadlines. Generally speaking the following will apply:

Submission of portfolios
End of September
End of September/ beginning of October
In September – on a Saturday

Decision made by the University

The decision to grant a person RPL is an academic decision made by the University. The decision is primary made by the academic department, and confirmed (or not) by the Senate of the University.

You, as an applicant, have a right to appeal if you are not satisfied at any stage of the RPL process. You are required to contact the RPL Unit if you want to appeal.