Caro Wiese Award – Succeeding against all odds

The Caro Wiese awards is offered annually to two CPUT students (1 female and 1 male) who have succeeded in overcoming extremely difficult circumstances to realize their full academic potential.

The award is open to all CPUT students, preferably South African students. CPUT students who have achieved excellent results relative to the opportunities they have had, and who have a track record of high achievement despite the most formidable social, physical, or other personal challenges, are eligible for these awards. Some hardships may include: financial difficulties, trauma, physical disability, accidents, learning disability, poor living conditions, disadvantaged/ difficult backgrounds, long distances to travel to attend lectures, lack of parents, illness, or other personal circumstances.

The awardee must not have been found guilty of any misconduct or unethical conduct during their time at CPUT. Any false information in the application will automatically disqualify the applicant.

CPUT students who are eligible and comply with the requirements of this award are as follows:

  • Students who would like to continue to further their studies at CPUT.
  • Students who have achieved excellent results relative to the education opportunities they have had.
  • Students who have a proven track record of exceptional achievements despite physical, educational or social challenges.

To qualify for the awards, a student must be either:

  • in their undergraduate studies and experienced hardship in their years of being a CPUT student; or
  • a postgraduate student who has experienced hardship during their time at CPUT but who has succeeded.

Application for the award

Prospective awardees should preferably be nominated by their faculties (through their Academic Departments), however, students can directly apply via their Head of Department to the Dean. The Department of Student Counselling and the Disability Unit may also nominate students and channel the nomination through the relevant Faculty Dean.

Closing date: Applications need to reach the respective Deans at the end of November preceding the year of award.

Documents to be included in the application:

  • 1 page letter of motivation
  • 1 page CV
  • up-to-date academic record or academic progress report
  • copy of proof of registration

 In the letter of motivation and CV, applicants need to explain the hardship experienced and how they succeeded in their academic career despite their hardships.

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