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    How to apply

    You are now at the first step of your career – applying for admission.

    There are two ways you can apply to CPUT:

    • a paper-based form
    • online via our website

    We are currently testing our online application system, so only certain groups of students can apply online. If you can’t apply online, don’t despair, you can still apply using our 7-step, paper based, application process

    Before you apply, find the course that is right for you

    Step-by-step guide to online applications

    To find out if you may apply online or to continue with your saved online application, choose the applicable option below.

    Apply to CPUT
    1. You are eligible to apply online.

      Start the online application process

    2. Applicants under the age of 18 must download and have a parent/guardian sign a permission form. The completed form must be uploaded at the end of the online application process.

      Download and complete the permission form for under 18's

      After you complete this form, you can start the online application process using the link below:

      Start the online application process
    3. Go to the application tracker to find your student number or get your application status.
    4. You are not eligible to apply online. Please apply using the paper-based application form.

      Get a paper-based application form

    5. Have you already started an online application with CPUT?(*)

      You must choose an answer.
    6. Have you applied to CPUT before?(*)

      You must choose an answer.
    7. Do you have a valid CPUT student number?(*)

      You must choose an answer.
    8. Are you in possession of a South African ID?(*)

      You must choose an answer.
    9. Are you currently busy with, or have you completed a South African matric?(*)

      You must choose an answer.
    10. What level/entry method do you want to apply for?(*)

      You must choose an answer.
    11. Only certain qualifications are available for online applications.

      View the list of qualifications(*)

      You must choose an answer.
    12. Are you 18 years or older?(*)

      You must choose an answer.

    Need help? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact the Call Centre on +27 21 959 6767.