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Wellness Programmes

The Wellness Wheel provides an insight on activities which help in enhancing your physical, intellectual, spiritual, financial, social, emotional, occupational and environmental wellness.

We recognise that students who develop holistically usually thrive and feel better equipped to manage their lives.

Our institution defines wellness in terms of seven dimensions. These are the physical, environmental, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social and occupational dimensions of wellness.

Each dimension is interrelated and the development of each dimension can promote wellbeing and health.

By embracing a holistic approach to wellbeing, education at CPUT has moved beyond just knowledge gained from text books and formal classroom teaching.

Student Counselling and other Student Affairs departments present various wellness events and programs throughout the year, aimed at raising awareness around holistic wellbeing and to engaging and developing students across these seven wellness dimensions.

You can find out more about these training workshops at Student Counselling Reception, or watch the Student Affairs and Services News and Events page for announcements on upcoming training workshops.

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