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Living in a CPUT residence is more than just a roof over your head. It is a home away from home.

The CPUT Residence Department has about 2552 beds on Bellville Campus, 2732 on Cape Town Campus and 540 on Wellington Campus. We offer both single and double rooms, with communal facilities that create a pleasant family environment for students.

CPUT residences are open to both local and international students and residence life is a holistic experience, where you become a member of a diverse and stimulating community. You’ll get to know some of the students you share classes with, and some of you will develop close, lifelong friendships.

You’ll also be exposed to many opportunities for personal development and learning ensuring that when you graduate, you not only leave us with a qualification, but the necessary life skills to achieve in the outside world. The learning experiences we provide in residences can be grouped into three main areas:

  • academic support
  • social development
  • health and wellness.

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Bellville Campus

+27 21 959 6126
+27 21 959 6703
Student Centre, 2nd floor, Bellville Campus

Cape Town Campus

+27 21 460 3855
+27 21 460 4274

Administration Building, 4th floor, Cape Town Campus

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