CPUT Web Development Office

Web Development at CPUT is being carried out in various departments including MIS, CTS & the Academic Faculties. The Web Development office in MIS is responsible for development in the CPUT Corporate Domain (www.cput.ac.za & info.cput.ac.za), the MIS Portal (HEDA) and other domains. Our office also has many other projects as a result of our ability to collaborate well with other Universities and CPUT units.

Web Team: Mr. Lovemore Nalube (left) and Mr. Ashley Jones (right)

The Web Team: Mr. Lovemore Nalube (left) and Mr. Ashley Jones (right)


(follow us on our blog at: http://www.cput.ac.za/blogs/weboffice/)

Corporate Website (www.cput.ac.za)
The current corporate domain delivers the public content on CPUT's website to the public and internal audiences. Current average usage stands at over 1,000,000 hits per month (current usage statistics available here).

All static pages containing marketing information are authored and maintained by Marick Hornsveld (Web Editor) in the Marketing and Communications Department.

The nerdy stuff

www.cput.ac.za runs Joomla/Mysql version 1.5 due to historical reasons. It works great for us and has an active community to back it up. We have a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.5 Server with modest specifications. Server monitoring can be done with Cacti at: web.cput.ac.za/monitor/

info.cput.ac.za domain webapps
We are responsible for maintaining and developing the info.cput.ac.za domain and dynamic applications such as:

The nerdy stuff

Most of the content generated for these pages is derived from decentralized, third party sources such as Oracle, Mysql, MSSQL and Ms Access databases. These webapps are written in native ASP and PHP on a Windows Server platform. Monitoring for this server is unavailable.

MIS Portal
The MIS Portal is located in the HEDA domain. The portal is the nerve centre of the Management Information delivery system. It contains access to Student, Staff and Financial data queries that present users with reports in friendly formats to assist management in making informed decisions. We are responsible for the development of custom applications that can assist in this reporting.

Online broadcast/streaming project

Using Opensource technology we have managed to consistently bring CPUT on-campus events to the world through streaming them online at www.cput.ac.za/live

Dubbed CPUT TV, this service is collaboration between us, Student Affairs: Student Media and MCD.

The nerdy stuff

We run a simple yet robust CentOs Linux server with Erlyvideo RTMP stream. More updates to come.

… see more projects at http://www.cput.ac.za/blogs/weboffice/


Mr. Lovemore Nalube
Web Developer
Phone: +27 21 959 6718

Mr. Ashley Jones, Assistant Web Developer

Mr. Ashley Jones
Assistant Web Developer
Phone: +27 21 959 6763