HEMIS Office


Ms. Arina Wessels, HEMIS Co-ordinator

Ms. Arina Wessels
HEMIS Co-ordinator

The HEMIS Office reports to the Director: Management Information Services.

The office consists of one HEMIS Co-ordinator, Ms Arina Wessels, and three HEMIS Admin officers, Ms Anthea Karra, Ms Xolelwa Olayi and Mrs Jacqueline Thomas.

The HEMIS office is responsible for the updating and checking of the Academic Structure of the University and as such has to keep a close eye on all approval documentation and compliance with the University’s PQM (Programme Qualification Mix). The HEMIS Co-ordinator also liaises with the Director: Institutional research and Planning with regard to all applications under the new HEQF.

The office is responsible for the submission of HEMIS information to the Department of Higher Education and Training on a regular basis to enable CPUT to claim its state subsidy - the bulk of its annual income. The department is also involved in supplying information for various other purposes, e.g. Research, Management Information, ad hoc requests from students and staff and outside requests.

To enable the department to fulfill its role in the University, it relies heavily on the co-operation of staff in different departments of the University, e.g. Faculty Offices, Human Resource Department, Residence Department, Facilities Management, CTS-department and all lecturing staff for the completion of timetables and timesheets.

Department of Education: www.education.gov.za / www.dhet.gov.za

Post Office (for Postal Codes): www.sapo.co.za

Contact HEMIS at:

Ms. Arina Wessels
HEMIS Co-ordinator
Phone: +27 21 959-6367
Fax: +27 21 959-6618
Email: wesselsa@cput.ac.za

Ms. Anthea Karra, HEMIS Admin Officer

Ms. Anthea Karra
HEMIS: Admin Officer
Phone: +27 21 959 6420
Email: karraa@cput.ac.za

Mrs. Jacqueline Thomas, HEMIS Admin Officer

Mrs. Jacqueline Thomas
HEMIS: Admin Officer
Phone: +27 21 959 5610
Email: thomasjc@cput.ac.za

Miss Xolelwa Olayi, HEMIS Admin Officer

Miss Xolelwa Olayi
HEMIS: Admin Officer
Phone: +27 21 959 6084
Email: olayix@cput.ac.za