Educational Technology

img edu techTeaching and learning with technology has become part of our daily existence and is a priority in our new identity as a university of technology.

In order to keep academics abreast of all the latest developments, our experts in particular media collaborate with staff to design enriched teaching and learning environments and experiences, maximising the potential of the relevant technologies.

We seek to apply sound educational principles and become involved in research and development with regard to the utilisation of technology in education to ensure continuous improvement

The range of expertise at our disposal in Fundani includes:

  • Graphic design
  • Instructional design
  • Photography
  • Videography

We also handle the supply of certain equipment including laptops, data projectors, video and still cameras.

External website

The Educational Technology Unit is running a blog for regular updates on eLearning news, innovative ways of using educational technologies in teaching and learning, workshops run by the unit and showcases of good practice of using technology in teaching and learning at CPUT.

For more info visit the Education Technology blog


For guidance on appropriate use of technologies, research and general inquiries regarding the unit:

Dr Eunice Ivala
+27 21 959 6018
+27 21 460 3795

Daniela Gachago
+27 21 460 3795

For supply of equipment

Linda Manashe (Cape Town campus)

For graphic design services

Wendy Levendal (Bellville campus)

For videography & photography

Gavin Kallis

For courseware development services

Linda Manashe