Retirement options

Your retirement is an important milestone in your life. Most people hope to be able to maintain a reasonable lifestyle in their "golden years". The purpose of this guide is to assist you in investing the money you receive from the CPUT Retirement Fund prudently.

If you are retiring soon, the CPUT Retirement Fund will inform you of the total amount of your retirement benefit. 

On receiving this information, the two most important questions you probably have are:

  • How should I invest my retirement money?
  • What amount of income can I expect to get monthly from this investment?

Understanding the risks you face

You may find the following "process model" useful in helping you answer these rather complex questions.

The following documentation provides more insight into your retirement options.

Click each list item to download a document on the relevant topic:

Legal Disclaimers

The information contained in this guide does not constitute advice either by the Board of Trustees, nor by its advisors. If you need more information on how you invest your retirement benefit you should seek professional advice.