The Conversation Africa

Applied Research is at the core of everything we do at CPUT. This means that any research undertaken at the institution has to solve a real-world problem and meet South Africa’s development goals.

Research Uptake is the quickest way of marketing the fantastic innovations we have become renowned for and to do this effectively, good partnerships with the media is vital.

CPUT recently endorsed The Conversation Africa which is an online platform aimed at bridging the divide between journalists and academics.

A number of interesting articles have been published on the site and subsequently picked up by media at other titles like The Mail and Guardian, Tech Central and eNCA.

These articles are listed below.

Intense after-school tutoring holds many lessons – for learners and teachers

A project about 75 kilometres from Cape Town is exploring what happens when trainee teachers are able to spend a full year tutoring the same one or two children. The early results are extremely encouraging for both the pre-service teachers and their 52 learners.

African libraries that adapt can take the continent’s knowledge to the world

Libraries are not just collection points for information. The best ones also help create it - and those which embrace this role will flourish in a completely changed world.

How good librarians have made themselves obsolete to some users

There is a growing discussion about the role of libraries in Africa and how the internet may threaten their continued existence.

Geosciences as a means to address water shortages in Africa

While the research area is firmly planted in the earth, it sometimes drifts off into space. Geoscientists also occasionally turn their attention to other elements - like water.

Being human today: sharing stories to shape teachers

Five years ago, some 16 years since the end of apartheid rule in South Africa, I noticed that final year pre-service teachers in the faculty of education rarely mixed across racial lines. They avoided talking, integrating and working with each other.

Cool cubes are changing the way we play in space

A tiny cube, slightly smaller than a loaf of bread, is the new manna to heaven, as the number of nano-satellites being hurled into orbit is increasing substantially.

Why South Africa needs to pursue the potential of gas from fracking

Fracking has altered the global geopolitics of energy – probably for the better. North America is nearly independent of imported oil and is starting to export gas. It is therefore no surprise that the costs, benefits and risks are being hotly debated in South Africa.

Waste to wealth: the hidden potential of waste from fruit

South Africa produces millions of tonnes of fruit each year that are exported, consumed locally, or processed into value-added products such as juice, canned fruit or wine.

Being seen as well as heard can transform children’s lives

At its simplest, participation is about allowing children to get involved in making decisions that affect their own lives and their own learning experiences.

Great things happen when learners are taken seriously

South Africa’s greatest education challenge lies in improving the situation in schools serving communities where poverty is the norm, many adults are unemployed and crime is rife.