Research centres and units

The following research centres and units are active at CPUT:

Research centres and units
Biocatalysis and Technical Biology Research Group
Marilize Le Roes-Hill
Centre for Computational and Applied Technology Mechanics
Prof Grame Oliver
Prof MTE Kahn
Jacques Wheeler

Ben Groenewald
Centre for Mechanics and Technology (CMT)
Prof B Sun
Centre for Power Systems Research (CPSR)
HVDC and Harmonic Analysis Computational Studies
Prof G Atkinson-Hope
Prof R Tzoneva
Prof Raynitchka Tzoneva
Prof K Swart
Computational and Applied Technologies Manufacturing
Prof G Oliver
Crystal Engineering
Prof Luigi Nassimbeni
Prof E-A Uken
Environmental Toxicity and Remediation
Prof J Odendaal
Assoc Prof R van Zyl
Prof Irina Masalova
Prof Rainer Haldenwang
Prof AJS Benade
Human Performance Laboratory
Dr Sacha West
Wentzel Gelderblom
Molecular Pathogenic Microbiology Research Group
Ass Prof Sehaam Khan
Obesity and Chronic Diseases of Lifestyle Research Unit
Prof Tandi Matsha

Mr Shafick Hassan
Prof Jeanine L Marnewick
Prof Stephané Bouyé
Dr Nico van der Walt
Technology Institute: Community Water Supply & Sanitation
Prof A Lagardien
Prof M Weideman
Prof J Garraway

Technology stations

CPUT supports the following technology stations:

Research centres and units
Mr L Dolley
Prof Oscar Philander