An award-winning design by a CPUT graduate is currently on display at an international exhibition showcasing “ground-breaking works from the world’s leading design schools”.

The Services Sector Education and Training Authority (Services SETA) has awarded 265 bursaries to CPUT students for the current academic year, making CPUT students the largest group of beneficiaries of this SETA nationwide.

CPUT will get a cash injection of R21.2 million in accordance with a memorandum of agreement recently concluded with the Construction SETA (CETA).


Minister of Public Enterprises Lynne Brown paid a visit to CPUT yesterday to explore a number of research innovations and how they can address some of South Africa’s urgent needs.

The Wholesale & Retail Sector Education and Training Authority (W&R SETA) has this year awarded bursaries to 316 CPUT students to the value of approximately R30 million.

As a child Dr Barbara Boswell dreamed of being a writer but without the influence of excellent black South African female writers the young girl expected the dream to remain just that- a dream.

Building race cars must rank high on the list of dream jobs and one CPUT alumnus is doing just that.

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