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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Women's Month Profile: Dellicia De Vos



Life truly started at the age of 31 for Dellicia De Vos. As a result of a lifetime of judgement and persecution because of her Albinism the reserved mom-of-two avoided any social setting that may make her anxious.


But after a chat and advice from a good friend De Vos decided to let go of the crippling self-confidence issues which had shadowed her younger years. 

“My experiences were that people would look at you and think you are stupid or disregard you in a social setting. That was the reality I had to live with for my whole life and it wasn’t easy,” she says.

After noticing that little children often shied away from her, De Vos’ good friend suggested that she approach youngsters with a more open and friendly demeanour. The result was immediate and she slowly started replicating the behaviour with adults too.

“Learning to accept myself as I am started when I was 31 years old. I figured there must be a reason that I was born like this and that it’s ok to be the way I am. I decided to stop being so sensitive because the people mocking me were really the ones missing an opportunity to get to know me,” she says.

De Vos was featured in a documentary entitled As We See It: Education and Albinism earlier this year and is keen to do more advocacy work for a younger generation of people living with Albinism.

She is currently completing her Masters in Disability Studies at UCT.

Written by Lauren Kansley

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