Friday, 13 December 2013

Industrial design body nominates CPUT Professor as its president

PRESIDENT-ELECT: Prof Mugendi M’Rithaa will serve from 2013-2015 PRESIDENT-ELECT: Prof Mugendi M’Rithaa will serve from 2013-2015

Congratulations to Prof Mugendi M’Rithaa who was recently named President-Elect for the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid).

The announcement is extra special because M’Rithaa is the first African to hold the position and he beat competitors from Finland and Denmark for the prestigious post which represents over 150 member nations.

Icsid promotes the interests of industrial designers and administers the World Design Capital competition which Cape Town won for the year 2014.

M’Rithaa says his position at CPUT is conveniently aligned to his mission for his term as President Elect of Icsid.

“My vision is to get more young people actively involved in Icsid and to build bridges between various cultures so that cultural intelligence can start permeating everything we do,” he says.

M’Rithaa’s future as an Industrial Designer was sealed when, as a child, he watched the first moon landing. He shared the story during his motivational speech for the Icsid position with hundreds of people.

“That singular moment crystallised for me that technology was a unifier and I wanted to be part of that,” he says.

M’Rithaa says CPUT’s support of his Icsid endeavours have been integral to his success.

“CPUT’s slogan is ‘Creating Futures’ but that is not only for students- it’s for staff as well. The institution has co-created my future with me and I am eternally grateful,” he says.

Written by Lauren Kansley

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