Fresh water fish with antidepressants embedded in their plasma is a reality according to a visiting professor from America.


Minister of Public Enterprises Lynne Brown paid a visit to CPUT yesterday to explore a number of research innovations and how they can address some of South Africa’s urgent needs.

The Wholesale & Retail Sector Education and Training Authority (W&R SETA) has this year awarded bursaries to 316 CPUT students to the value of approximately R30 million.

Following the success of his debut book which was published earlier this year, an academic in the Education Faculty has penned another book.

The motor vehicle manufacturing industry is one of the largest consumers of innovative textile materials.  


Life truly started at the age of 31 for Dellicia De Vos. As a result of a lifetime of judgement and persecution because of her Albinism the reserved mom-of-two avoided any social setting that may make her anxious.

As a child Dr Barbara Boswell dreamed of being a writer but without the influence of excellent black South African female writers the young girl expected the dream to remain just that- a dream.

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