Two staff members from the Emergency Medical Sciences Department were at the coalface of the recent devastating fires in Knysna, assisting with humanitarian aid.

CPUT lecturers have contributed their own time and skills to assist disadvantaged individuals empower themselves with a saleable skill.

CPUT has benefited from a fellowship program, which gives African-born scholars in the United States and Canada the opportunity to collaborate with universities in six African countries.

As the world recognises Global Wind Day today a very special occasion linked to the potential of wind power will be taking place at CPUT.

A ground-breaking research project which looks at how factors such as race, gender, class and language intersect to create inequality among university students is on the cards.

A book which raises fundamental questions concerning issues of social justice and linguistic human rights was launched during the recent Language Indaba.

Experts in the field of radiography recently gathered for a symposium at CPUT where some of the latest technology in the field was discussed.

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