Written by Dr Melleta Louw, Student Counsellor, Wellington campus THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE……. The 21st century is experiencing increasing rates of violence, depression and addiction. Chaos, uncertainty and a feeling of … Continue Reading →

What is Autism?

Written by Dr Charlene Petersen World Autism Awareness Month  What is Autism spectrum disorder? Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and autism are both general terms for a group of complex disorders … Continue Reading →

World Health Day

World Health Day By Samantha Hanslo (Student Counselling, Mowbray) Did you know that World Health Day 2018 will be globally celebrated worldwide on Saturday 7th of April? What is World … Continue Reading →

Why do people cheat?

Written by Hanro Lourens. Statistics show that 90% of South Africans feel that cheating or infidelity is unacceptable or amoral. So why then is it happening? The dating website … Continue Reading →