What do you think of our Live Broadcast project?

We have helped the DSA: Student Media department to set up live broadcasting of many CPUT events over the past year. We have had more than 20 000 viewers in total from all over the world.


This year, we have updated our broadcasting hardware and software to bring you events on all devices including Blackberry, Ipad, Ipod (internet enabled), Iphone, Android and Windows Mobile phones. All tablets are supported.


We would like to here your feedback on this service. Please leave a comment below.


  • Marianne Bester says:

    Hi Lovemore
    Congratulations to the team! Without this initiative it would not have been possible for me to be part of this joyous event for many of our CPUT graduates! Well done, guys!

    • Lovemore Nalube says:

      Thank you Marianne. We appreciate the feedback 🙂

    • Sinawo says:

      Thank you for availing us the opportunity of viewing live events hosted by the Institution, especially the graduation ceremonies. They are very inspirational in fueling us as students to work more harder towards our success as well. It is my request that your internet link improves because sometime this week I trying to watch the graduation and the link was unavailable for the broadcast. Other than that, I highly appreciate your efforts and I can see our university is setting up a good standard.

      • Lovemore Nalube says:

        Thanks Sinawo, we appreciate your feedback.

        Please tell us more about this ‘internet link issue you had’. Did you get any other error? It is possible you where trying to watch but we were not broadcasting anything at the time.

  • Nkhensani M says:

    Thank you guys for the wonderful work! You helped us not to miss any event taking place at CPUT, particularly the graduations. Now we are able to celebrate and share the special moments with our friends and family even when we are away from where there event take place.

  • Janizol says:

    Hi there. Is there a way to download yesterdays live broadcast?

    • Lovemore Nalube says:

      We are busy converting and editing the video for you. When we are done we will load it onto this website and Youtube. You will be able to watch it online on this site and download a DVD quality version too. 🙂

  • Ali Almaktoof says:

    I would like to thank you for services.

  • KEA says:

    i am experiencing difficulities to watch the ceremony as it is not clear and it stops evry sec.

    pls advice

    • Lovemore Nalube says:

      Might you be using a Mac, phone or something? The technology we use checks which video quality to send you depending on how fast you internet connection is. Do you know which type of internet connection you have, 3G or ADSL? Which city did you watch from?

  • Awonke Mdzinwa says:

    I want to watch the video for the Cape Town Campus Business Graduation ceremony that took place on the 17th of April at 10am , how can get the video?

    • Lovemore Nalube says:

      We are busy converting and editing the video for you. When we are done we will load it onto this website and Youtube. You will be able to watch it online on this site and download a good quality version too. 🙂

  • Karin says:

    So appreciative of this live feed. It granted us an opportunity to witness our son’s graduation even though we were unable to attend due to distance and work related issues. Would like to express our sincere gratitude.

  • Marius Meyer says:

    Hi Lovemore

    Thanks for the wonderfull creation of this service. How can I obtained a copy of the Cape Town graduation of the 18th of April 2013 ?

    I would like to download as I was part of the graduation.

  • Ping Ping Yang says:

    The broadcasting is such a great achievement, I wich to get the graduation downloads soon.

  • Mphumzi Rululu says:

    Job well done. The braodcast is perfect with perfect video motion. Let alone the video minor errors, otherwise the web-broadcast is pefect. Great staff guys keep it up.

  • A technical triomf. Thank you so much!

    My brothers in Ireland and Germany could share in this event.

  • Lester says:

    Hi there. I have graduated on Wednesday 19 April 2013 @ 09:00 – Cape Town Campus. I have been on youtube to search for the graduation video but cannot find it. Is this perhaps misplaced? Hope you can help me. Thanks for the great job you guys are doing?

  • Lucky Sibanda says:


    Thank you so much for the wealth of experience and initiatives which you are integrating with CPUT. Really, it confirms it to be a university of technology. Surely, with you, i am certain we have more news to celebrate. Keep up the great work.

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