Securing CPUT systems using high-grade SSL Encryption

The Web Office bought a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate used by banks, Facebook, Google and many highly secure cutting edge companies to protect their online systems. If you want more information on SSL technology, click here.

Our provider is Go Daddy. At a small fee, we purchased a wildcard certificate to protect an unlimited number of sub-domain servers including

Here is our Security Seal:

How to install the * wildcard certificate

Download the certificate files from our secure Alfresco server here:|%2FWeb%2520Office%2FSSL%2520Certificates|&page=1

Only verified users can download these files. Request permission to be given access to download the files, and state why, from Lovemore Nalube at the Web Office ( The Web Office will help you solve any technical issues that may arise during the installation of this certificate.



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