CPUT Mobile: Your university in your pocket :)

We are very excited to be working on the next giant leap into technology-driven service delivery for CPUT. For years we have patiently investigated the mobile industry and how to harness its awesomeness to deliver information to you – our stakeholders.

“It’s a no brainer”

Yes – it is obvious that we should be present in your pocket (sorry if that sounds a bit creepy). However we know the truth – mobile apps are here to stay. We are the best department to role out this service to you. We have the skills needed and we know where the university is going and we just want to play the small part in getting it there.

There is a simple, sleek website we have done available at: http://www.cput.ac.za/mobile

The app is set to deliver the most immersive mobile experience provided by a university in Africa. It offers 101 things you ask for everyday using the lab PC – all in your pocket from now on!

A solution for Students

The future student

Wondering how much university courses cost? Reach into your pocket.

You have applied and are wondering if you got the place? Don’t wait for a letter in the post, just reach into your pocket.

… and more!

The current student

Need to know if your lecturer sent a class announcement? Reach into your pocket.

What is your Internet, print or meal balance? Reach into your pocket.

Did you pass? Check your exam results in your pocket.

Want a holiday job? Reach into your pocket.

… and more!

A solution for staff

Want to quickly see how many leave days you have left? Reach into your pocket.

Want to check your latest pay slip? Reach into your pocket.

In a meeting and want to get the agenda, minutes and other documents? Reach into your pocket.

… and more!

… and more!

… and more!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

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