Attending a Career Fair…Do’s and Don’ts

A Career Fair is an opportunity to interact with potential employers in a relaxed environment. Here are some of the tips to maximise this opportunity…..


  1. Prepare yourself. Research the companies that will be exhibiting and decide which ones you would like to visit
  2. Bring Supplies. Bring extra copies of your CV, a pen and a notepad
  3. Network professionally. Approach the exhibitors in a polite way.
  4. Show Initiative. Shake hands and introduce yourself to recruiters when you reach the table. Demonstrate your interest in the company and their job opportunities.
  5. Show enthusiasm. Employer surveys identify one of the most important personal attributes candidates can bring to a new position as enthusiasm. This means that employers want to see you smile!
  6. Ask Questions. Have some questions ready for the company representatives. The more you engage them, the better impression you’ll make. Ask if they do not offer internships or vacation jobs.
  7. Collect Business Cards. Collect business cards, so you have the contact information for the people you have spoken with.
  8. Take Notes. It’s hard to keep track when you’re meeting with multiple employers in a busy environment. Jot down notes on the back of the business cards you have collected or on your notepad, so you have a reminder of who you spoke to about what.
  9. Say Thank You. Thank the exhibitor for talking to you. It is the Right thing to do.
  10. Seek Help. If you are unsure of how to approach the exhibitors, or you need help with your CV, approach our Counsellors at the Student Counselling stand. They will gladly help you.


  1. Ask for freebies. It is extremely rude to do so. Exhibitors will offer these if they have them
  2. Ask how much the company pays


Tips for finding a job

So, you’ve made it thus far, Congratulations

…………… But what now?

Here are a few job searching tips for you as a new graduate:

  1. Update and fine tune your CV and cover letter: These represent your first  encounter with potential employers.   Make sure that they represent you well. Remember:
    1. Your CV  must be clear and easy to read  –employers do not have the time to figure out what you are trying to say.  Remember to be honest
    2. Highlight your skills – tell employers what you can do and  back it up with examples from your previous experience
    3. Showcase your experience – Highlight your Workplace Learning and other work experience. Employers are interested in this information
  2. Do not sit at home  waiting for a job. Go out there and make yourself visible. It is called initiative and employers like to know that you have it.
  3. Contact the Graduate Recruitment office and get information about all resources and services that are available
  4. Attend the Career Fairs and Employer presentations on campus.  You will get to meet and network with employers and even hear about employment opportunities at these events
  5. Networking works. Attend the institution’s Alumni events and meet other graduates who may be in jobs already.  Talk to them and ask about opportunities they may know about.
  6. Take up internship opportunities– this way you gain more skills. For employers, this tells them that you have some experience of working in a  rofessional environment
  7. Use Social Networks effectively – Create your profile to resemble a Resume.  Ask for endorsements
  8. Get a Driver’s Licence– some employers require this
  9. Once you get that interview – do not let it go to waste. Come  prepared. Display a positive attitude and a strong desire to get the job.      Remember, this is the only opportunity you have to convince a particular employer that you are the best person for the job

Career assessment and advice

If you are unsure about what you want to study, you can contact the Department of Student Counselling for career assessment and advice:

Bellville campus and Tygerberg campuses
Ground Floor, Library Extension
Tel +27 21 959 6182

Cape Town campus and Granger Bay campuses
Second level, Administration Building
Tel: +27 21 460 3237

Mowbray campus
Room 0.03, Barkly Davies Building
Tel: +27 21 680 1501/ 680 1574

Wellington campus
Extension to the Administration Building
Tel: +27 21 864 5201 or 864 5206