Current Status

updated 2015-11-30

UHF Beacon: On
UHF Beacon interval: ~45 seconds
UHF Transmit power: 1 W
UHF Beacon message: I made it! 2 years!
Frequency, Rate and Modulation: UHF 9k6 G3RUH/GMSK
Mission phase: HF antenna deploy
Satellite TX frequency: 437.355 MHz (Downlink)
Satellite HF payload beacon transmitter frequency: 14.099 MHz

HF Beacon: Off
HF Transmit power: 200 mW
HF Beacon Type: CW

For news and updates check the News section
Telemetry feedback can be sent to: fsatispace@gmail.com
Up-to-date information on Twitter
* Beacon state could differ depending on on-board battery charge state.



More information on the satellite, tracking it and our groundstation on campus.

All the information needed to find, track and decode data from the satellite. The information previously found on this page is now available here.


Further information regarding the satellite, its construction, parts used and built.


Details regarding the ground station on campus that is used to command the satellite.

Ground Station

Images captured by the satellite and some of the data gathered so far.