• First image captured by ZACUBE-1 (TshepisoSat) from space

          Earlier this week a quick checkout of the payload board was done. The sub-system board was powered on and a few telemetry values were requested with all response values indicating good health. […]

  • Commemorative Top Plate

          The picture below shows the top covering plate of the satellite. It attaches to the UHF/VHF telemetry and telecommand antenna from ISIS and also covers the HF antenna and deployment mechanism. It […]

  • ZACUBE-1 Update (TshepisoSat)

    ZACUBE-1 Update (TshepisoSat)

        The last two weeks have been quite busy, with a few very late nights, but here is a quick update regarding our little one-unit CubeSat launched almost exactly two weeks ago. After separation […]

  • A new Website!

    A new website just in time for the launch of ZACUBE-1.