An updated version of the beacon decoder application is available. Two graphs have been added to give a visual representation of what the on-board computer (OBC) temperature and battery bus voltage are doing over the pass.

ZACUBE-1 (TshepisoSat) beacon decoder V0.4

ZACUBE-1 (TshepisoSat) beacon decoder V0.4

This morning the OBC time was also set to the current UTC time. Previously it was counting from zero since OBC switch-on after separation from the launch vehicle. The timestamp value in the beacon message now shows current time rather than an uptime value. This makes time stamps on log files the actual time and not an uptime value.

The beacon decoder application has been updated to convert the timestamp value to an actual date and time. The decoder application can also recognize if the timestamp has reverted to uptime counting and display the uptime in days, hours and minutes. This is done by comparing the received timestamp with a value in the near past. If the timestamp value is bigger, then it represents current time, if it is smaller then it represents uptime.


Download ZACUBE-1 status beacon decoder V0.4


As always, received beacon messages are greatly appreciated. Logfiles generated by the application (or KISS files) can be sent to: