Digital storytelling resources

Interesting sites

Center for Digital Storytelling

Center for Digital Storytelling YouTube channel:

University of Houston Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling

Silence speaks digital stories:

Sonke Gender Justice network (South Africa) 

Darcy Alexandra’s work with undocumented migrants in Ireland:

Pip Hardy and Tony Somners’ patientvoices in the UK:

Info on copyright / fair use and digital storytelling:

Digital storytelling (DST ) at CPUT

Generic introduction to DST (students):

Introduction at train the trainer workshop (a bit longer)

Linda’s presentation on storyboarding:

Veronica’s presentation on Creative Commons:

Other DST research and presentations

CPUTstories YouTube channel:

Join our Facebook CPUTstories group


Digital storytelling cookbook:

Robin, B.R., 2005. The Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling.

Long, B., 2011. Digital Storytelling and Meaning Making: Critical Reflection , Creativity and Technology in Pre-service Teacher Education. In Digital storytelling conference. pp. 1-27.

Kajder, S.B., 2004. Enter Here: Personal Narrative and Digital Storytelling. The English Journal, 93(3), pp.64-68. Available at: [Accessed October 10, 2010].

Barrett, H., 2006. Digital Stories in ePortfolios: Multiple Purposes and Tools. Available at: [Accessed January 25, 2011].

Rolon-Dow, R., 2011. Race(ing) stories: digital storytelling as a tool for critical race scholarship. Race Ethnicity and Education, 14(2), pp.159-173. Available at: [Accessed April 15, 2011].

Research published at CPUT on digital storytelling


  1. Gachago, D. et al. 2014. Using Digital Counterstories as Multimodal Pedagogy among South African Pre-service Student Educators to produce Stories of Resistance. Electronic Journal of e-Learning (eJeL), 12(1): 29–42. Available at: 
  2. Gachago, D. , Ivala, E., Condy, J. & Chigona, A., 2013. Journeys across Difference: Pre- Service Teacher Education Students’ Perceptions of a Pedagogy of Discomfort in a Digital Storytelling Project in South Africa. Critical Studies in Teaching and Learning, 1(1), pp.22–52. Available at:
  3. Ivala, E., Gachago, D., Condy, J., & Ivala, E., 2013. Digital Storytelling and Reflection in Higher Education: A Case of Pre-service Student Teachers and Their Lecturers at a University of Technology. Journal of Education and Training Studies. Vol. 2, No. 1; January 2014. pp.217-227. Available at:
  4. Ivala, E., Gachago, D., Condy, J., & Chigona, A., 2013. Enhancing Student Engagement with Their Studies : A Digital Storytelling Approach. Creative Education, 4(10), pp.82–89. Available at:
  5. Condy, J., Chigona, A.,  Gachago, D., & Ivala, E., 2012. Preservice students’ perceptions and experiences of digital storytelling in diverse classrooms. Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology (TOJET), 11(3), pp.278–285. Available online:


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Software used

Currently we are using 2 approaches to digital storytelling at CPUT: either recording the narration via Audacity and then creating the digital movie in MovieMaker (slightly more complicated but with better results) or using Photostory for Windows, which allows you to record within the software programme.

Approach 1: MovieMaker and Audacity

  • Windows MovieMaker to create and edit digital movies: XP or Live depending on Windows software on your laptop
  • For a YouTube video tutorial click here
  •  Audacity and Lame encoder to record and edit audio

Approach 2: Photostory

  • for a YouTube tutorial click here

Other  useful software

  • Artweaver for image editing

  •  Real player to convert audio files

Royalty free images and sound

Article on 8 resources to find and edit digital images without being sued:

Another article listing best free image databases: is a search portal that allows you to search for media shared under the creative commons licence, will give you direct links to Google images, flickr, sound databases etc…

Images (under advanced search you can tick Creative Commons only) Pics4Learning is a safe, free image library
for education. Teachers and students can use the copyright-friendly photos
and images for classrooms, multimedia projects, web sites, videos,
portfolios, or any other project in an educational setting.

Sound (for royalty free sound tracks)

Ipad apps for digital storytelling 

Some examples of stories developed at CPUT

2010 Education student project

2011 Education student projects

2011 Train the trainer workshop


Interesting conferences

5th International conference for Digital Storytelling (May 2013)

International conference on narrative 2013:

4th Global Conference: Storytelling (May 2013: Prague, Czech Republic)

Create – Share – Listen: 4th International Conference on Digital Storytelling (2011):

International Digital Storytelling: Valencia, April 2011

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