Research and Publications

1) Case studies of epistemological access in Foundation/Extended Curriculum Programme studies in South Africa (November 2011)

The volume of papers draws together academics and scholars from across South Africa who theorise and debate the concept of epistemological access. The case studies presented in this collection cover a wide variety of intervention, including the use of modelling and role play, peer marking, service learning and language interaction. In all cases the attempt has been to induct students into the ways of doing and thinking in the field. This volume was edited by Vivienne Bozalek, James Garraway and Sioux McKenna and is accessible via the link below.

Case studies of Epistemological Access










2) Beyond the university gates: Provision of Extended Curriculum Programmes in South Africa. (June 2010)

This collection of papers was edited by  Cathering Hutchings and James Garraway and is accessible via the link below. The papers in this volume address the theme of academic literacies, access and success at university, digital literacy and different models of foundation at universities of technology.


Beyond the University Gates










3) Success stories in Foundation/Extended Programmes (November 2009)

In this collection of ‘success narratives’ about Foundation and Extended Programmes at South African universities, practitioners and researchers working in this niche area were provided a platform to share the rich and diverse ways in which work. This booklet was edited by James Garraway and is accessible via the link below.

Success stories in Foundation/Extended Programmes



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