Head of Unit, James Garraway

  • I am a former ‘ECP’ student in Science at UKZN in the 70s (I was placed onto a support programme for underprepared students)
  • Former Biology teacher in Durban and Botswana,  and Science teaching materials developer for SACHED trust, where I developed curriculum and taught on the then foundation courses in Science and Engineering at UCT in the late 80s/early 90s
  • Currently involved in academic staff development on structured regional and national courses, including for ECP staff
  • Research interests include learning through practice/transitions to work as well as staff and student development
  • I currently teach four Masters and one PhD student
  • Academia Profile

Academic Staff Development and Support, Janine Lange

  • As a Staff Academic Developer I am responsible for finding responsive solutions to support ECP lecturers improve their practices.
  • I am currently involved with the Unit’s Action Research Project and in the past I oversaw the implementation of the NBT testing for ECP students at CPUT.
  • While I am responsible for various research activities aligned to the broader work of the Unit, and am currently undertaking a small-scale qualitative study of ECP lecturers’ involvement in Special Interest Groups linked to their teaching practice.
  • I have post graduate degrees in Development Studies and Creative Writing and am currently pursuing a PG Dip for Academic Developers at Rhodes University. I taught social science and humanities undergraduate courses for many years and also have experience teaching ECP students at CPUT.




Applied Sciences

Faculty Coordinator, Beatrice Opeolu

  • My experience as a peer tutor in my undergraduate days ignited my passion for teaching. Back then, I learnt that students understand concepts more easily and better when they are related to observed routine daily activities and phenomena.
  • My teaching approach has always been learner-centered while emphasizing knowledge activities that are relevant in industry. I also understand that students’ learning strategies are varied, and my teaching strategies and classroom activities should accommodate this.
  • As the Faculty ECP coordinator, I am responsible for ECP academic staff development. The application of innovative teaching practices and technologies in the classrooms is a goal that I actively drive with faculty staff.
  • My involvement in staff development training workshops on innovative classroom practices continues to change my perspectives on teaching and learning. One of my pedagogic goals is to regularly revise the syllabus to incorporate new trends in technology and the skills needs of society.


Faculty Coordinator, Mbuso Tshaka


Faculty Coordinator, Joe John

I have worked and lectured in foundation and extended programmes in engineering for 15 years.  I have a huge passion for helping students understand the theory behind established facts. I believe that understanding what you learn will make the learning experience richer. I think that best place to experiment with pedagogy is in the Extended Programme. This is because of the extra time given for the first year subjects.

  • In my current role as the Engineering ECP faculty coordinator I plan to promote excellent teaching by encouraging innovation, research and networking in all the ECP programmes in Engineering.
  • I am also part of the Action Research Project – my research attempts to consider the efficacy of feedforward method that I am applying in the class in order to improve my teaching. As part of this project I participate in the regular Critical Friends Groups facilitated by Lynn Coleman and Janine Lange in the ECP Unit.


Health and Wellness

Departmental Coordinator for Dental Technology, Marina Truter 

Departmental Coordinator for Nursing, 

Departmental Coordinator for Emergency Medical Care, 

Departmental Coordinator for Biomedical Technology,  Samantha Meyer 

Informatics and Design 

Departmental Coordinator for Design Foundation, Mari Lecanides-Arnott 

  • MariI am an experienced and skilled educator in the field of Art and Design having taught on different levels in the National Diploma (Design) over the years. She is the co-ordinator of the Design Foundation Year, which serves as the foundational year of study for the Extended Curriculum Programmes in Design such as Fashion, Industrial, Jewellery and Surface Design, in the Faculty of Informatics and Design at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.
  • My professional practice and experience in the field have been essential to my growth as an Art and Design educator and I believe it is at foundation level that I can be most effective and make a significant difference in Design education in the South African context.
  • I have presented both published and unpublished conference papers on teaching and learning in Design Foundation, nationally and internationally. I also published in SAJHE and in an international Art and Design education journal. I contributed four entries to the new Encyclopaedia of Design, published in 3 volumes by Bloomsbury, in association with the Design Research Society, London (2015).

Departmental Coordinator for Architecture, Alex Noble 

  • AlexI am a qualified and practicing Architect and Illustrator.
  • I currently coordinate ECP Architectural Technology and have been involved in the ECP Curriculum development since we started ECP Architectural Technology and Interior Design in 2012.
  • I also teach in first year and have taught in 3rd year and BTech. My teaching centers on architectural drawing methodology and design.

Departmental Coordinator for Interior Design, Kelly-Ann Jansen 


“Teaching is experiencing the joy of making a difference”

  • I started working at CPUT in ECP in January 2015. I currently coordinate ECP Interior Design and enjoy teaching the subject Design and Technology.
  • I enjoy sharing knowledge and helping students to develop and grow to be able to express themselves creatively through design.


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