Writing across borders: using technology to support authors

The writing development for the edited collection entitled Reflecting on teaching in ECP (see Call for contributions_ECP lecturers) started in earnest this month when the final chapter submissions were selected for inclusion in the book. A total of 18 submissions were received from colleagues across the regional universities in the Western Cape and nine chapter proposals were finally accepted. Two of these are from colleagues at CPUT. The development of the collection is being supported by the ECP Unit, Fundani and is currently edited by Lynn Coleman. The collection aims to shine the spotlight on the innovative practices of ECP lecturers and how they respond to their unique classroom environments. There is also a strong writing development angle built into the collection and authors will be encouraged to write in very communal and collaborative ways. Special virtual and face-to-face writing cafes have been set-up to encourage authors to write together and benefit from their shared, collective, knowledge and experience.

Over the past two weeks special dialogue and feedback meetings took place between the editor and authors – helped along by technology which enable these conversation to continue despite geographical divides. We will continue to use technology as a resource to foster a collective and shared commitment to the development of book. Captured below are Amanda Morris and Cheri Hugo, both lectures in the Design Foundation course, discussing their chapter with Lynn using Skype. Their chapter will focus on how they have used decolonisation as a theoretical lens to interrogate their practices as lecturers’ within an visual communication course that promotes a eurocentric gaze on visual art and design.

Screenshot of the Skype discussion between Amanda and Cheri (in Cape Town) and Lynn (in Uppsala, Sweden)

Remembering Brenda Leibowitz

Brenda Leibowitz

The academic development community in South Africa was saddened to hear of the untimely death of Brenda Leibowitz, last week. Brenda was Professor of Teaching and Learning at the University of Johannesburg and worked in the academic development sector for much of her career in higher education. She was seen as one of the pioneering forces behind the establishment of HELTASA. Brenda’s research work in the last decade or so focused almost exclusively on issues of social justice within higher education. The ECP community at CPUT was privileged to be able to engage directly with Brenda in 2015, when she and Viv Bozalek facilitated a day-long seminar to discuss and debate their critical call to reconceptualise ECP from a social justice perspective. As a tribute to Brenda, the short blog reporting on this significant engagement is re-posted.

Foundation Provisions: Social Justice Perspective with Brenda Leibowitz & Viv Bozalek

Other tributes to Brenda