Annual site visits with ECP staff commence

The annual start-of-year visits by the ECP Unit, Fundani with ECP lecturers in departments across CPUT started this week. Colleagues in the Business Faculty, specifically the Communication Cluster, PAG, Management and Marketing, hosted us this week and some productive discussions took place. Already some interesting ideas were put forward for specialized workshops for ECP Communication lecturers. We hope that as we continue to meet with the other departments, more creative suggestions on how we can add value to what lecturers do to improve ECP, will be put forward.

Meetings have already been scheduled with colleagues in Health and Wellness, Design, Architecture and Interior Design. We are keen to listen and share ideas on how to add value to the quality of ECP provisions across CPUT.

A Reflective Review of the ECP Unit, Fundani

James Garraway, HoD ECP Unit, Fundani, offers his insights on the Reflective Review process undertaken last week with colleagues from the University of Johannesburg.

Ness Mercel, Lynn Coleman, Kibbie Naidoo, James Garraway

The ECP Unit welcomed two colleagues from UJ, Kibbie Naidoo and Vanessa Merkel to our unit for the week of 5 – 9 February. Lynn Coleman had originally contacted them to help us to re-imagine ECP within the Fundani Unit. How, for example, could we think of doing things differently or better in the future. The initiative to contact them was inspired by our discussions with ECP colleagues from UJ and WSU (during institutional visits to CPUT in 2017), who have different operating modes from us. We were unsure what to call the visit but it panned out as being a Reflective Review rather than an evaluation of ECP. Vanessa and Kibbie spent a tough week interviewing ECP staff, HoDs, Senior Administrators including  Deans, the DVC(Academic) Prof Staak, colleagues in Fundani, and the HEMIS Director. On Friday we all met at Granger Bay to discuss some of the key issues raised during their interview discussions. During this session we reviewed and responded to the main findings of the interviews and charted possible ways forward. Of great interest  to us were ideas about how we could operate more closely with our Fundani colleagues, drawing on their expertise where necessary. It was also useful to get a sense of how we could operate more closely with ECP staff on their own academic development, as well as promote ECP as a core university teaching initiative. For myself, I found this to be a wonderful, often troublesome (as we confronted our own weaknesses) but stimulating week and I would recommend such reflective reviews for other CPUT units. In a sense, it cuts to the core of being academic, or being a ‘reflective practitioner’.

Once we receive their written report Lynn and myself will engage in discussion with the ECP coordinators and other interested parties.