Welcome 2018

For many the memory of the leisurely Christmas holiday period is now a distant memory and preparations for the start of the academic year are probably consuming every possible minute of the day. In the next week or so ECP lecturers will be welcoming their 2018 cohorts into their classrooms and hopefully this will be the start a stimulating and engaging academic year for all ECP students.

The first term at the ECP Unit at Fundani, will be a busy one where we plan to create multiple opportunities to connect with ECP lecturers and staff in Faculties and departments, but hopefully also with ECP students.

Line-up of some of the activities we will be involved in:

 5 – 9 February – Strategic Review with colleagues from the University of Johannesburg

12 – 28 February – Site visit with all ECP departments (James, Janine and Lynn will visit with departments, meet ECP lecturers and discuss how to support staff to deliver enriched teaching and learning experiences for all ECP students)


– Orientation sessions for ECP students (James, Janine and Lynn will offer special workshops for ECP students aimed at helping students understand what an ECP learning pathway is about and how to adjust to this new academic environment)

– ECP Classroom Fika (topic to be announced)

– Reflections of teaching in ECP book – city writing retreat for all aspiring chapter authors (submission of abstracts are due 25 February)


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