ECP Regional Symposium – submit an abstract today

Our annual ECP Regional Symposium will take place on 30 August 2017. This is a wonderful opportunity for all ECP lecturers, researchers and practitioners to join together as a community to engage in critical, engaging and useful conversations about all aspects of ECP and Foundation education. Over the years, through this symposium, an important and vibrant space has been created for members of this community of practice to share their work and insights on how to improve and enhance the learning experience of their students.

The deadline for Abstract Submissions is Thursday 27 July 2017. Registration for the symposium will open online from around 3 August 2017. Full details on the symposium theme and abstract submission guidelines can be found on the attached flyer.


Summary of ECP Classroom Fika Sessions – May and June

Last term the ECP Unit facilitated ECP Classroom Fika sessions in May and June. The general theme connecting both sessions was ‘understanding who our students are’.

In May we reported on diagnostic information in the public domain, namely the NSC and NBT reports. We used these reports to sketch a picture of the kinds of knowledge and competencies students bring with them to university from their high school environment. Both reports offer valuable information about students’ level of preparation in core areas of quantitative reasoning, English language proficiencies and abilities to deal with the academic language and literacies demanded at university. Both reports, which are published on a yearly basis, are vital reading for all ECP lecturers and should form the basis of any curriculum or pedagogic conversations in departments.

MAY FIKA_Who are our students_compressed

Our June session was facilitated by Dr Bruce McKenzie, a now retired ECP lecturer from Nature Conservation. Bruce has been analyzing ECP students’ relative success in comparison to their mainstream counterparts. Bruce’s analysis offers a useful model on how to keep track of ECP students as they move through their diploma course. Also highlighted was how this form of analysis provides the necessary detail about student success which the HEMIS throughput data cannot track. Currently this analysis project has explored success rates in five ECP departments and in the coming months an additional four departments’ results will also be considered.

JUNE FIKA Bruce McKenzie_ECP success