‘Thinking and Making’ in the Design Foundation Year

MariMari Lecanides-Arnott, Design Foundation Co-ordinator, shares some of the interesting and creative activities her ECP students participated in over the past semester. The visual tour through these varied learning activities highlights the way in which staff have attempted to create an enriched and stimulating learning environment for their students which acts in direct ways to aid students’ access to both university knowledges and the professional practices of the broader Design industry.

Greetings to the Extended Curriculum Programme Community at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology! This picks up from our last ECP blog post of 8 February, Celebrating student work in Design Foundation, which advertised the 2015 Design Foundation Student exhibition that opened on Saturday, 13 February 2016. 

Orientation & celebratory activities in February

Orientation activities in February

February seems like a very long time ago, but the Design Foundation students and staff will attest to the fact that due to a full and intensive teaching and learning programme, the first semester of 2016 seems to have flown by.

The Design Foundation Year is the foundational year of study for the extended curriculum programmes for the Design disciplines, such as Fashion, Industrial, Jewellery and Surface Design. The aim of the Design Foundation year is to provide students’ whose schooling provided limited exposure to the Art and Design disciplines with epistemological access to the field of Design and full participation in university study. The curriculum and pedagogic practices therefore engage students with integrated, multidisciplinary and cognitively challenging teaching and learning activities. Some of these activities are showcased below and help to highlight how the academic staff in the Design Foundation year are continually striving to create an enriched curriculum and stimulating learning environment able to introduce but also connect students directly to their chosen field of practice. Below is a brief visual tour through some of the many celebratory, pedagogic and learning events and activities that defined our ECP students’ learning experience over the first semester.



From concept to product


Student excursions