Opening the debate – conversations about roles and responsibilities in ECP

workshop_ideaKey staff responsible for ECP provision across the institution got together last week to start an important conversation about the work they do. The two-hour workshop, which was proposed at the last ECP co-ordinators’ meeting in September, sought to get to grips with the roles, responsibilities and interrelationship between ECP leadership at institutional, faculty and departmental levels. The workshop was facilitated by development specialist Janine Lange who encouraged participants to think about and articulate their current functions, imagine future possibilities, while also identifying blockages that impact on how well they are able to do their work. The discussions were characterised by a deep understanding of the ECP teaching and learning terrain and the complexities that both help and hinder individual staff to function in optimal ways. workshop_ideas3 Most participants welcomed the opportunity to openly discuss what they do and contribute to a more inclusion understanding of the roles and responsibilities assigned to ECP staff at all institutional levels. A second session has already been scheduled for 12 November. This session will aim to fill out the detail to the initial structuring framework developed at this first workshop.