Report of the ECP Engineering Colloquium

mark_2Mark Jacobs, the Engineering Faculty ECP Co-ordinator, reports on the recent ECP colloquium held in their faculty.




The ECP colloquium was held on 28 May 2015 in the Preview room at Fundani. At its fullest there were 29 people, including the guest speaker Pierre le Roux, a Mechanical Engineer from ASPECT, UCT (Engineering).

The colloquium was opened by Prof Garraway who gave a brief overview of ECP at CPUT.

The guest speaker, P Le Roux, gave a highly informative speech about the work of ASPECT, how its curriculum is structured, how they fit their students back into the mainstream, their placement policy and some of their final results. Those present were surprised to see that the dropout rate was significantly high, given that UCT attracts some of the best matriculated students in the country.

The presenters and their topics were:

Bernie Millar (Clotex):  “Using concept mapping for learning and epistemological access”

Vidius Archer (DEECE): “The FYE orientation programme in electrical engineering ecp”

Felicity Harris, Jean Kalombo and Laurentin Engoro (Mechanical Eng): The integrated project in Mechanical engineering”

Carol Pearce (Fundani): The STEP-UP programme – feedback from students

Joy Alexander (Chemical Eng): ECP on site visits to Mossgas (chemical processes and plants) and Hartenbos (hops planting and harvesting).

Moses Basitere (Chem Eng): “The use of emerging technology to enhance teaching and learning”

Noor Armien (Civil Eng): The health and safety programme in Civil Engineering (ECP)