I am Wonga

Paying it ForwardPaying it Forward

I am Wonga and I am Visually Impaired. I am a 2nd year Analytical Chemistry student.

I am from the Eastern Cape and live in CPUT residence. I am extremely happy with the DU’s services as the staff always go the extra mile to accommodate me.

If it wasn’t for the tremendous support of the lecturers and my department as well as the DU then my studies would have been much more difficult to complete. I am allowed to write my exams and tests in the lab using the magnification equipment or software and the lecturers assist by bringing the question papers to the lab so that I can write exams.

To assist me with after hours studying, the DU also gave me a large monitor to attach to my laptop that I got from NSFAS because I use the magnification software. The DU have enabled me to receive assistive devices such as the laptop and a hand held magnifier to help me with my studies.

My Plans for the future:
I would like to complete my Diploma and then do my BTech in water. I am hoping to be employed by a local municipality in the Eastern Cape so that I can give back to my community.

Would you recommend the DU to others?
Yes definitely.


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