I am Shu-Aib

Future Gamer

Future Gamer

I am Shu-Aib and I am Dyslexic. I am a 1st year ECP Graphic Design student and I really enjoy the course.

I am very happy with the DU services. The staff helped my aunts who came with me to do my registration. The DU also assisted with the laptop that I needed and assisted me with a text reader program on the laptop. My mom was shocked when she saw one of my assignments where I used ‘big’ words as this has never happened before. They also arrange a scribe for me during the exams.

My Plans for the future:
I would like to complete my ND Diploma and then do a BTech in Graphic Design. I would like to go into the gaming industry by doing animation.

Would you recommend the DU to others?
Yes I would. I went to my high school and chatted with some of my friends there about CPUT and the DU.


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