I am Julian


Nothing much gets me under

I am Julian and I am a Quadriplegic. I am a 3rd year HR student at CPUT. I like the staff of the DU – they are very helpful, doesn’t take nonsense and not scared to assist me or to touch me.

One day when I was about 15 I dived into a swimming pool with my friends and woke up as I am now. These days I am not afraid to ask people for help and everybody is always very helpful towards me. In the beginning it was a bit difficult but I didn’t let that get me down. The lecturers are always willing to assist me and give work in e-format.

The DU and NSFAS have enabled me to receive a newer version of the software I use to type on my laptop.

My Plans for the future:
I don’t like studying all that much and would just like to be employed where I will actually work and not just be quota to the company.

Would you recommend the DU to others?
Yes definitely. Although I find that other people like me are generally too lazy to study or better themselves.


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  1. The sky is the limit. I am inspired by your courageousness and I believe there is great potential within you to accomplish all that you want in life.

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