World Autism Day – 2 April 2016

10 Things People with Autism Want You to Know

Today is World Autism Awareness Day! Here are things kids, teenagers, and adults with autism want you to know about our community.

 “If you’ve met one individual with autism, you’ve met one individual with autism.” – Stephen M. Shore

“Autistic people want love, relationships and marriage just like everyone else, and are able to maintain a successful marriage.” – Anita Lesko

“Everyone has strengths and weaknesses – it’s important to work on your weaknesses – but even more important to develop your strengths.” – Jodi DiPiazza

One of the biggest challenges of being autistic is not autism itself, but how other people react to it. If you want to change lives, start by changing your perceptions of autism. – Amy Gravino

“Not all people with autism are like, we are different.” – Kenneth Kelty

Each individual with autism is unique. About one third of people with autism are nonverbal, but many can learn to communicate using other means such as visual supports (pictures), sign language and/or typing or pointing to pictures on a computer or tablet.

Join Autism Speaks for World Autism Awareness Day and throughout Autism Awareness Month. How will you Light It Up Blue? To learn more, visit:

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