Although we do our best to assist our students on a daily basis, we are not always in the office or can answer the telephone to assist them with their questions and queries.

Our students’ welfare is very important to us and because some questions come up again and again, we thought it would be useful to list them here:
Q: What is the telephone number for the Cape Town DU office?
A: +27 21 460-9071

Q: Who is the person that will help me at the Cape Town campus DU office?
A: Her name is Delicia de Vos and Dr Nina, the HOD, will be able to assist you as well.

Q: What is the telephone number for the Bellville DU office?
A: +27 21 953-8447

Q: Who is the person that will help me at the Bellville campus DU office?
A: At the moment only Lillian Fortuin is there and Dr Nina will be able to assist you as              well.

Q: Who is the person that will help me at the other campuses?
A: We do not have staff members or DU offices on the other campuses except for the                 Mowbray campus. On certain days, both Lillian & Dr Nina will be able to assist you on           the Mowbray campus as well as on the other CPUT campuses.

Q: Who will assist me on the other campuses should I need help?
A:  It depends on the kind of assistance you need. During orientation week you will receive        an information packet on the various services departments who can assist you on your        campus.

Q:  Can I study if I have a disability?
A:  Yes, on condition that you meet the minimum requirements.

Q:  Where do I check what the minimum requirements are?
A:  On our website, under faculties – look for the qualification that you are                                      interested in and then look for minimum requirements

Q: How do I apply at CPUT?
A: Please see our website or click on this link http://www.cput.ac.za/study/apply for                 further information.

Q:  How will I know what to apply for?
A:  You should know by now what you want to do in life and have researched information          on which courses you can do. Speak to a guidance counsellor at your school.

Q:  Can I study Psychology, Law or Social Work at CPUT?
A:  No, because CPUT does not offer these courses.

Q:  Why should I disclose my disability?
A:  We can assist you to succeed academically only if we know HOW to assist you. By not          disclosing you may make things more difficult for yourself as well as becoming an ‘at            risk’ student who may fail their subjects.

Q:  What does it cost to study at CPUT?
A:  You can calculate the fees when you process your application form – information on the        link http://www.cput.ac.za/study/apply.

Q:  Can the DU help me with the fees?
A:  No – the DU can only assist you with completing documentation for a NSFAS Disability         bursary or for a bursary of your choice.

Q:  Can I apply for a bursary?
A:  Yes, provided that you can submit a letter from your Doctor to confirm your disability          and, that your parents’ combined annual gross salary is less than R300 000.00                      (this condition applies to NSFAS)

Q:  Does the DU handle the finances for students with disabilities?
A:  No, we do not deal with the students’ finances.

Q:  If I am a student with a disability then where will I stay?
A:  When you submit your application form then you must indicate that you need                        accommodation in the residences. We will not be able to assist you if you didn’t indicate        it on your application form.

Q:  Will the DU help me with the application process?
A:  Yes, we can help you to complete the documentation.

Q:  How do I apply?
A:  You can follow our step-by-step guidelines on the website                                                            http://www.cput.ac.za/study/apply.

Q:  How will I study without the assistive devices and software that I had                  access to at my school?
A:  We have a fully equipped lab on the Cape Town campus and one on the Bellville                      campus with computers and assistive devices that will help you. We also have                        computers that have the software installed, on all our other campuses.

Q:  I had extra time when I was at my school – what do I do now?
A:  The DU will assess your requirements and assist you with extra time for exams and              tests. You will have to bring proof of your previous extra time or a doctor’s report to            the DU.

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